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Agile Project Management Foundation+Practitioner akkreditált vizsgafelkészítő + vizsga

Tanfolyam kódja:MFPROJAGP
Tanfolyam hossza:32 óra (4x8x45 perc)Tanfolyam és képzés időpontok (projektvezetés, projektvezetési módszertanok, projektmenedzsment,
projektek, Agile, Project Management)
Ára:399 500 Ft + áfa

Tanfolyam rövid ismertetése:

Hivatalos APMG Agile Project Management Foundation és Practitioner képzés, amely részletes ismereteket nyújt az Agile projektvezetésről, valamint felkészít a hivatalos APMG vizsgákra is, melyet hallgatóink a tanfolyam végén le is tehetnek nálunk.
Kiknek ajánljuk:This course has been developed to provide practitioners with the grounding to apply agile project management within a wide range of organizations. The course caters to the needs of members of the Senior Management Team through to the programme and project management team members.
The agile method is flexible method that the Programme and Project management can tailor for any type and size of activity, and offers an excellent management foundation for any member of the team.

Tanfolyam vagy képzés általános leírása:


There is increasing pressure on organizations to deliver working solutions to business problems and opportunities in ever-shorter timescales without compromising quality. The process by which solutions are developed must be agile and deliver what the business needs when it needs it, but at the same time the focus for the organization must remain on the successful delivery of projects, not just ‘going agile’.

Most of the agile methods provide little or no guidance on how to manage a project in an agile way. Indeed for some agile approaches, the whole concept of a ‘project’ and ‘project management’ is seen as anti-agile!

DSDM Atern is the exception – it has always worked from the base of a project and a lifecycle, but has successfully merged the concepts of corporate constraints and process with agile management and delivery.


Agile Project Management Handbook

Management of Value, published by The Stationery Office, gives the official guidance for the method.

Pre-course preparation

We provide delegates with a comprehensive pre-course preparation pack. Included in the pre-course preparation pack with direction on areas to read and the Agile Project Management Handbook.
Access to the pre-course preparation material is given to delegates up to four weeks prior to the start of the course. We recommend the delegates spend between ten and fourteen hours reviewing the pre-course work. The course is very intensive, the better prepared the delegate is the more they will get from the classroom part of the course.

Agile Project Management: Foundation and Practitioner courseware

On the first day of the course each delegate will be provided with a pack containing full set of course slides, individual exercises and activities serving as a revision tool and enabling them to practise the key elements contained within the Agile Project Management method.
The courseware also contains an extensive collection of sample foundation and practitioner questions. Which will enable those who are a bit rusty at exams to get a feel for the type of questions that will be asked. There are also exercises that are designed to familiarise you with the MoV Manual and to help you understand the MoV method in a stimulating and interesting way.


Following the course delegates will understand the Agile Project management method and will be able to organise, plan and control projects quickly and effectively in accordance with the agile methodology. With the successful implementation of the method the management team will have the capability to deliver the projects in a way by which ensures a viable solution is delivered.

Atern reduces the chance of scope creep by establishing firm foundations on which to build that are approved by key stakeholders. Development is then started in a controlled manner with clear objectives.

Senior Managers attending the course will be able to make informed decisions on the appropriate application of agile management by being provided the accurate and relevant information in a timely manner based on clearly prioritised acceptance criteria. They will understand not only their responsibilities but also the responsibilities of the other members of the team and the contribution they will make to the delivery of the project .



This course is accredited by APMG – International against the Foundation and Practitioner level syllabus and includes the following topics:

What is Agile? Choosing the right agile approach
Agile Project Management – The Basics
Roles and Responsibilities
Preparing for Agile Project Management
Agile Project Management
The Agile Project Management Process and Products
Prioritization and Timeboxing
Agile Control
Requirements, Estimating
Agile Planning

Practical Work

Specially written scenarios and comprehensive sets of related syndicate exercises to help provide a practical application of the method. Practical work includes creating process models, completing tasks related to specific elements of the method such as how the method help to apply the agile principles as well as a variety of objective test questions. Many tasks are designed to help delegates ‘link’ the integrated elements of the method.

Evening work

The delegates will get great value from completing the mandatory evening work. This will take between 1-2 hours to complete and will consists of a series of revision questions and sample exam papers. The evening work has been developed to reinforce learning points from the classroom sessions and allow the delegates the chance to try current sample papers – this will test readiness for the live examinations.


This event is a mixture of input and practical sessions, using various teaching methods, delivered by an APM Group approved trainer. All trainers have practical experience of delivering projects using the agile management method. Practical sessions are on an individual and team basis and feature throughout the event.

The Foundation examination is taken on third day afternoon. The invigilator gives results after the exam is complete.

The Practitioner examination is taken on the afternoon of day forth. The exam papers are then sent to APM Group for marking. Results usually take approximately 3 - 4 weeks to arrive and are sent to the delegate via email. Certificates are delivered approx. two weeks after the results.

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