Masterfield Training Centre is an IT knowledge centre, established by Trinspire Ltd, the founding of which was preceded by in-depth research. As a result, it was found that the Hungarian IT sector badly needed professionals who, with only a few years of professional experience in programming, software development or testing, were capable of performing serious tasks and who, with their fresh knowledge and dynamism were able to help their companies effectively.

Modern environment, with expert people

According to the feedback, what companies mainly wanted was employees who could be set to work quickly and who had an up-to-date and thorough knowledge of several areas of IT.



Comprehensive programming courses

There was a big market demand for an institution that can impart the above-mentioned broad range of practical knowledge to IT professionals, replacing in-house trainings this way, preparing new employees faster and more efficiently.

Programming for everyone 

We offer several kinds of courses if you want to learn the basics, or if you are searching for a new programming method, you would like to be professional at. Just check our offers.


Legal, financial and banking IT courses

From the feedback we can see that there is a high demand for integrated courses connecting areas like programming, software development, testing and, in general, IT to other knowledge areas like law, finance and banking IT), both for the sake of IT professionals and users. This can make communication between the developers of IT systems and its users easier, as well as help them understand each other’s work better.

The latest cutting-edge technologies in our courses


We at Masterfield Training Centre are sure that with our help all our students can gain useful skills in any of our courses.

With this in mind, we created our course materials in line with the latest trends in IT and the needs of companies; this way we offer cutting-edge knowledge to all those who wish to expand their skills or would like to master certain niche fields at an expert level.

The latest technologies hardly taught at any courses

Besides popular and wide-spread technologies like Oracle PLSQL programming, Mssql programming, Java course, Javascript course, Delphi course, PHP course, etc. we also teach tools and methodologies that are very hard or impossible to learn in courses in Hungary at the moment, which have received too little attention in various trainings (such as AJAX web services, Weblogic server, MySQL, PostgreSQL course, tester course, White Hat Hacker, Penetration Tester and other IT security courses, project management, Microsoft Project, software ergonomics, Cobit, etc.).

Special solutions at Masterfield 

If you are searching not for only the most popular courses, but also you would like to find some rare training solutions, you've found your place! Check our hardly available courses too.


Custom corporate courses and tailor-made trainings


With our courses we’d like to fill a gap by providing modular course packages aimed at the quick integrational training of IT professionals. These packages can be put together in a flexible way to fit the needs of our corporate customers, be that the combination of any fields of programming, testing, banking IT, financial or any other areas.

Our training services are equally useful for IT professionals wishing to use the knowledge thus gained to boost their careers and also for software development, financial and testing companies eager to have employees with a comprehensive, up-to-date and marketable knowledge.