Welcome to our Training Centre!

Our students have a modern and comfortable Training Centre at their disposal, where they also get the chance for a little relaxation and fun. Sign up for one of our courses so that you can experience quality learning in person.


Our school offers six air conditioned classrooms equipped with modern computers. We have virtual machines in our courses, thanks to which all participants can do the course at the same time and with the same technical parameters. Our excellent sound technology provides remote participants with a high quality learning experience in our hybrid or fully online courses.

Saved materials are easy to upload to each participant’s registration account - this way you may practice what you have learned any time at home.  


Want to have a look around? Explore our school by clicking here for a virtual tour.


Breaks and meals

Of course, 8 hours a day does not mean learning non-stop all day long. We hold two relaxing breaks plus a longer lunch break, too, when we serve refreshments. The classes are held as follows:

  • 09:00-10:30
  • 10:45-12:15
  • 13:15-14:45
  • 15:00-16:30

On training days you may have some coffee, tea or chilled mineral water; on arriving in the morning and in the coffee breaks we have sandwiches and nibbles ready for you!


Our Training Centre offers course attendees a well-equipped and spacious kitchen, and should you wish to bring your own meal with you, you can keep it in the fridge and heat it up later. You may have your lunch either in our common kitchen, or if the weather allows, on our spacious balcony. We strive to take those with food allergies into account, as well. You can ask for gluten-free nibbles at reception, and in our fridge you will also find lactose-free milk.


Or you may take advantage of the catering services of Madarász Office Park from 8am to 3pm, where you can choose from breakfast, special of the day, freshly cooked meats, soup and dessert of the day.

You’ll find various eateries, canteens and fast food places within walking distance, so your meal should fit into the one-hour lunch break.
You can get further information about eating possibilities at our reception.

Leisure time and relaxing

Besides getting recharged mentally, we also make sure you can have some fun and take a rest. During breaks you will find table football and darts in our leisure lounge, and you may even take part in a multi-day tournament / challenge.


Should you wish to consult a professional book, you can do it in our mini library. You may borrow them for the duration of the course; for more information, ask reception.


As a licensed adult education provider, we would like to ask you for your co-operation regarding administration. Our training centre has an obligation to provide data whenever a course is started. Please make our processes run more smoothly by filling in the requested documents on registering and during the course, as well.

Our participants receive a certificate issued by the Training Centre in digital format upon the successful completion of each course. Should you require a certificate issued by the Authority from the Adult Education Data Provision System (‘FAR’), please let our course organisers know. Thank you!

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