Course length:
Training language:
24 lessons
English or Hungarian
Course fee:

299 500 HUF + VAT now 259 500 HUF + VAT


Course dates and application

First training day: 25 March 2024, Further training days: 26., 27.

on working days (09.00 - 16.30)
Application deadline:
15 March 2024
Training language:
Course fee:

299 500 HUF + VAT now 259 500 HUF + VAT


Applying for closed-group training

If you and your colleagues are attending a closed group training course and you have a training date code, you can apply here.

Application without a date

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This course covers the topics of the Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam. Topics include installation, application lifecycle management, networking, storage, security, scheduling, logging, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Kubernetes.

Systems administrators and DevOps professionals

• Proficiency with the Linux CLI (U8583S: Linux Fundamentals (GL120)
• A broad understanding of Linux system administration (H7091S: Enterprise Linux Systems Administration (GL250))
• Basic knowledge of Linux containers, e.g. Docker (H0DS3S: Docker (GL340)

Core concepts

• CKA objectives covered
• Kubernetes architecture
• Cluster communication
• Objects
• Object properties
• Labels and selectors
• Annotations
• Object management
• Image fundamentals
• Container fundamentals
• Pod fundamentals
• Working with pods


• CKA objectives covered
• Installation prerequisites
• Installation (single node)
• Installation (production)
• Client tool optimizations
• Installing HA control plane (demo)

Application Lifecycle Management 

• CKA objectives covered
• Pod lifecycle
• Container lifecycle
• Init containers
• Container: command and args
• Container: defining environment
• ReplicaSet
• Deployments
• Working with deployments
• Deployment rollouts


• CKA objectives covered
• Network overview
• Service discovery and CoreDNS
• Container Network Interface (CNI)
• Services
• Ingress objects


• CKA objectives covered
• Storage
• Volume types
• Static volumes (demo)
• ConfigMaps
• Secrets


• Controlling access to the Kubernetes API
• Admission controllers
• Pod security policies admission controller
• Default admission controllers


• CKA objectives covered
• Controlling and tracking resources
• Scheduler operation
• DaemonSet
• Node affinity and anti-affinity
• Pod affinity and anti-affinity
• Taints and tolerations

Jobs and CronJobs

• Jobs
• Cron Jobs

Linux Containers

• Application management landscape
• Application isolation
• Resource measurement and control
• Container security
• OverlayFS overview
• Container security
• Open container initiataive

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