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40 lessons
E-learning price:
1 599 500 HUF + VAT

Our PMP exam preparation course prepares students to obtain the world-renowned PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification of the PMI (Project Management Institute) in the form of e-learning.

This PMP® Certification Training Course is suitable for anyone who is interested in project management roles or for those who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in managing projects. However, this training will be more beneficial for: 

Project Managers, Team Members, Business Analyst, Program Managers, Project Analysts, IT Project Managers, Project Schedulers

For exam application:

  • For those with college education: 4,500 hours of practice in the five PM process groups altogether (managing project tasks), 36 months of PM practice in the last six years;
  • For those with secondary education: 7,500 hours of practice in the five PM process groups altogether (managing project tasks), 60 months of PM practice in the last eight years;
  • Moreover - for both categories: A net of 35 contact hours of documented participation in a PM training.

PMP® stands for Project Management Professional. It is a globally recognised certification that validates the knowledge, skills, and experience of project managers, demonstrating their ability to successfully lead and manage projects.

You’ll learn the following: a. Project Management basics b. A thorough understanding of all the domains in the PMP Exam curriculum c. How to manage a team and drive higher performance.


Lesson 1: Business Environment

Topic A: Foundation

Topic B: Strategic Alignment

Topic C: Project Benefits and Value

Topic D: Organisational Culture and Change Management

Topic E: Project Governance

Topic F: Project Compliance

Lesson 2: Start Project

Topic A: Identify and Engage Stakeholders

Topic B: Form the team

Topic C: Build Shared Understanding

Topic D: Determine Project Approach


Lesson 3: Plan the Project

Topic A: Planning Projects

Topic B: Scope

Topic C: Schedule

Topic D: Resources

Topic E: Budget

Topic F: Risks

Topic G: Quality

Topic H: Integrate Plans

Lesson 4: Lead the Project Team

Topic A: Craft your Leadership Skills

Topic B: Create a Collaborative Project Team Environment 

Topic C: Empower the Team

Topic D: Support Team Member Performance 

Topic E: Communicate and Collaborate with Stakeholders 

Topic F: Training, Coaching and Mentoring 

Topic G: Manage Conflict 

Lesson 5: Support Project Team Performance 

Topic A: Implement Ongoing Improvements 

Topic B: Support Performance 

Topic C: Evaluate Project Progress 

Topic D: Manage Issues and Impediments 

Topic E: Manage Changes 

Lesson 6: Close the Project Phase  

Topic A: Project/Phase Closure 

Topic B: Benefits Realisation 

Topic C: Knowledge Transfer

There is a new version of the PMP exam from 2 January 2021!

The PMP exam consists of 180 questions (earlier 200 questions) to be answered in 230 minutes. You can take the exam online several times in your home or office. 

The test items usually describe different situations, so the theoretical knowledge won't be enough to answer them. If you're not sure whether you're ready for the exam, test your knowledge with the help of our sample questions.

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