PRINCE2® Foundation 6th Edition live course with exam voucher

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24 lessons, 3 consecutive working days, 8 lessons per day, 9.00-16.30
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239 500 HUF + VAT

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The aim of the course is to make attendees familiar with the widely used PRINCE2® methodology and its key elements, moreover, to prepare to take PRINCE2® Foundation international exam at the end of the course.


English language

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For project managers, team leaders, coordinators, analysts, quality assurance staff, but it can be a great point of departure for junior project managers and all those who:

1. manage or take part in projects,

2. wish to learn about PRINCE2® methodology,

3. wish to obtain the qualification recognized worldwide.

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This course is also available in e-learning format!

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We were the first accredited partner to provide PRINCE2® courses in Hungary. Thanks to our accreditation, our courses are available at exceptionally low prices. Due to our years of cooperation, we work together with the organization in a flexible and professional way. 

Project management came about as a result of the need to coordinate more and more complex projects, sometimes even different professional fields, as well as tight deadlines, the need for accurate planning, reuseability and generalizability. In order to satisfy these demands, several organizations have tried to provide solutions since the 1960s and the current methodologies are the result of decades of development and continuous updating. The two best known methodologies, PMI® and PRINCE2®, follow a similar approach. However, they differ somewhat regarding details.

The attendees of our course will learn about the widely used PRINCE2® methodology in detail, as well as its key elements. The PRINCE2® methodology was developed in the United Kingdom and it was published in 1996 as the fruit of the work of about 150 European organizations. Its current version can be used generally for a wide range of projects.


PRINCE2® Foundation course:

During our 3-day course we familiarize attendees with the theory and practice of PRINCE2® methodology, thus preparing them for PRINCE2® Foundation international exam of the AXELOS. Using English language course materials, our qualified trainer provides the course in English, German or Slovak language.

On top of and prior to the 3-day course, our students need to do some independent preparation, for which we provide a 20-hour long material. Reading the materials and doing the tests is a prerequisite of successfully completing the course.


Taking our PRINCE2® course will answer the following questions you may encounter in project management: 

  • What you need at the start of the project
  • How the tasks are divided between the Project committee and the Project leader
  • How the Project leader should hand out the tasks to the Team leaders
  • How Team leaders should hand out the tasks to Project members

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Related exams:

PRINCE2® Foundation 

Examination Format:
- Multiple choice questions
- 60 questions per paper
- 33 marks required (out of 60 available) to pass: 55%
- One hour's (60 minutes) duration
- Closed book


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