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This introductory PRINCE2® Foundation course is designed to give candidates a comprehensive overview of the PRINCE2® methodology, whilst ensuring that they are fully equipped to pass the PRINCE2® Foundation examination, which is included.


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The Foundation training course is for anybody interested in the field of project management. The PRINCE2® course is also intended for anyone looking to build their knowledge of project management or the PRINCE2® techniques, such as:

  • Project Managers
  • Aspiring Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Directors
  • Board Members
  • Senior Responsible Owners
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  • Internationally accredited
  • You can gain credit poins
  • You can access the material anytime, from anywhere
  • It is accessible on mobile phone too
  • Interactive
  • It contains sample questions, and a sample exam
  • PRINCE® Foundation exam voucher



This course delineates the fundamental constituents of the PRINCE2® methodology - including the processes, themes, and principles, that underpin proficient project management. Whilst learning how to increase productivity and functionality of a project, this popular PRINCE2® training course will help candidates appreciate that a project must remain worthwhile and of business value throughout its lifecycle, in order to be deemed a success.

As one of the most popular project management methodology, PRINCE2® is an established process-driven methodology that appears commonly across a variety of industries. Hence, this PRINCE2® Foundation course promotes an appreciation for project risk, contingency plans, business justifications, and of how to optimise individual project contributions - enhancing a candidate’s project management skill and qualification repertoire.


 Course Outline:


1.1. Define the characteristics of a project

1.2. Six aspects of project performance

1.3. Integrated elements of PRINCE2®

1.4. Understand the key concepts relating to projects and PRINCE2®

1.5. PRINCE2® Principles

1.6. Initiating and Directing a Project Process



2.1. Explain the purpose

2.2. Benefits management approach

2.3. Minimum requirements to apply the business case theme

2.4. Business justification and key concepts



3.1. Risk management approach

3.2. Purpose of a risk budget

3.3. Key concepts related to risk



4.1. Explain purpose

4.2. Minimum requirements to apply the quality theme

4.3. Quality planning and assurance, customer expectations and acceptance criteria



5.1. Purpose and the key management products

5.2. Minimum requirements to apply the organisation theme

5.3. Understand the roles and responsibilities of all of those involved in organisation theme



6.1. Types of plans

6.2. Recommended approach to planning and defining analysing products



7.1. Change control approach, issue register, issue report

7.2. Types of issue

7.3. Change control procedures



8.1. Daily log, lessons log, lessons report, work package etc.

8.2. Controlling a stage

8.3. Managing Product Delivery

8.4. Managing a stage boundary

8.5. Closing a project process


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PRINCE2® Foundation Certificate

Examination Format:
- Multiple choice questions
- 60 questions per paper
- 33 marks required (out of 60 available) to pass: 55%
- One hour's (60 minutes) duration
- Closed book


The PRINCE2® Foundation certification has no defined period and will never expire or need to be renewed.


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