We may safely state that our Microsoft Excel courses are perhaps still the most popular ones. Document management is, of course, not only about Excel skills, but everyone working with computers must be able to use this hugely capable tool.

Many have tried Excel and many have taken part in a few-hour crash course to be able certain features successfully. The knowledge they acquired this way normally either gets rusty with time or it only enables you to solve a particular task in a fixed way. In the case of more serious problems and tasks you need a deeper knowledge. Even in our Microsoft Excel Basics course we provide a broad overview of the application, focusing on learning and practicing the most commonly used features.

You’ll find countless Microsoft products in our training portfolio, from the basics up to the most advanced levels: Excel Basics, Excel Advanced, Excel Macro Programming, Excel Power Pivot and PowerBI, Access, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, Office 365, Project and Sharepoint.