What’s online participation?


If accommodation or travel is an issue for you, or you wish to listen to one of our trainings at work or home, our online courses are for you.


  • Our online courses are held in real-time and are not pre-recorded.
  • You join into the classroom course in a way that you can hear and see the instructor.
  • You may even ask questions or write in the chat and receive an answer from the instructor in writing or in spoken words.
  • It's like you're sitting in the classroom too!



How do I do the computer-based tasks?

You can also do a practical computer course in this format. In such cases we provide you with a virtual PC in the room on which you can do the tasks in the same way. 


The instructor can see your work and can help you if necessary should you get stuck.

You are not disadvantaged in any way.


What are the technical conditions for participation?


What you need:

  • a computer or a laptop
  • a calm and quiet place where you can participate in the class without being disturbed
  • steady internet connection with a regular speed
  • a pair of suitable headphones or speakers
  • a microphone and a webcam


Corporate security settings will often disable various communication devices, so as far as possible, please use your own machine to avoid any glitches. During the days prior to the course we hold an online trial to make sure all your technology works properly on your side, too.

In addition, we make sure that our IT staff provides you with a continuous and uninterrupted technical background throughout the training!



What our students think about our online courses?


One of our dear students, Dénes Bolvári (hereinafter D.B.), an employee of MAVIR Ltd., took part in a Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL advanced training.


We asked him about the live online form of education.


Masterfield: Did you have any experience with the online form of training?
D.B.: I'd never been involved in training in this form before, so there was some resistance in me.

Without personal interaction, I wouldn’t have thought it would be so good!

Masterfield: Did the course go smoothly?
D.B.: Yes. The video streaming was quite good, there were issues only for a few seconds during the 4-day training. It was probably due to the increased network traffic. 
It didn't cause any interruptions in learning, though.

Masterfield: How easy was it to communicate with the instructor?
D.B.: That was my fault, I couldn’t get the microphone to work, but it also worked perfectly in writing.
Basically, anything I wrote to the instructor, was responded immediately. I'm very satisfied.
Masterfield: Was everything okay with the computer-based practical exercises during the training?
D.B.: Yes, there wasn't any problem, the virtual desktop was working fine, I was able to work on the computer of Masterfield remotely.
The course was comfortable and smooth, even from a distance.

Masterfield: What do you think are the benefits of online training?
D.B.: I definitely want to highlight clearly the travel time savings, which is a big plus.
Masterfield: Would you recommend studying online at Masterfield to others?
D.B.: Yes, I think everyone would be pleased to be able to attend courses at this training facility from home.
I can strongly recommend Masterfield trainings to everyone!


Sounds good! Which courses are available in this format?




The majority of our courses can be done online.

Interested in which courses you can sign up for?