What’s online participation?


If accommodation or travel is an issue for you, or you wish to listen to one of our trainings at work or home, our online courses are for you!


  • These kind of trainings are held in real-time and are not pre-recorded.
  • You join into the classroom course in a way that you can hear and see the instructor.
  • You can also ask questions or use the chat and receive an answer from the instructor in written or in spoken form too.
  • It's like you're sitting in the classroom, like the others!



How can I make the computer-based tasks?

You can also complete a practical computer course in this format. In this case we provide you a virtual PC in the room, on which you can do the tasks in the same way. 

The instructor can see your work and can help you if necessary, or you got stuck.

You are not disadvantaged in any way.


What are the technical conditions for participation?


What you need to join:

  • a computer or a laptop
  • a calm and quiet place where you can join the class without being disturbed
  • stable internet connection with a regular speed
  • a pair of suitable headphones or speakers
  • a microphone and a webcam


Corporate security settings will often disable various communication devices, so as far as possible, please use your own machine to avoid any glitches. 
We're holding a trial run before the training where you can make sure that all technical requirements are in place on your end

In addition, we make sure that our IT staff provides you with a continuous and uninterrupted technical background throughout the training!


Which courses are available in this online format?


The majority of our courses can be done online.