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Oracle online training formats


We’ve been in touch with the organization for a long time, and now we made our relationship even closer so we can offer you their official courses in a new format as well.

Our students can choose from e-learning, annual subscription and ultimate subscription package.



E-learning (Training on demand, TOD)

90-day online access to the materials of a given course consisting of an online textbook, several days of practice remote lab, instructor chat and the recordings of previously held classroom trainings. The videos are in English and contain the entire text of the English transcript, subtitles for the videos and a keyword search feature for the entire text. On top of that, you can ask questions from an experienced instructor on a dedicated forum.


Our most popular e-learnings:

Here’s a list of our further e-learning categories:

  • Database
  • Java
  • Applications
  • Business Intelligence
  • Middleware
  • Enterprise Management
  • Industries
  • Operating Systems
  • Virtualization
  • IaaS
  • PaaS
  • SaaS

You’ll find a detailed description of the above categories by clicking on the button below:

Product Learning Subscription, PLS


A product learning subscription means a collection of all videos and materials for every course in a given topic. This gives one person a one-year access to the currently available course materials.

For certain topics, the subscription contains the exam vouchers necessary for acquiring the related certifications. Every subscription comes with several days of Hands-on lab, which means a virtual environment to practice the topics included in the given subscription. The subscriptions give you access to Oracle instructors via forums who will answer your questions as soon as possible. The videos are in English, with English subtitles, and in the full text search you can query anything, and the search results will show you which videos in which courses deal with the given topic at exactly which time point (at how many minutes).



Unlimited Product Learning Subscription, UPLS


All our subscription packages contained in one large collection. It contains the full course materials for all Oracle products.



Live virtual class, LVC


We don’t offer this currently, but there exists an online version of public classroom courses where you access a remote classroom course online. The courses are generally in English, and instructors hold the courses according to their respective local time zones. In a Live virtual class you can access the hands-on lab, the textbook in PDF and practical training, too. Our LVC trainings are also available upon custom request.

For now we can provide ‘online participation’ in our own classroom courses.


For more information check the ‘Online participation in live courses’ sub-menu.



Thanks to the learning pathways of Oracle University you can prepare for various jobs step by step. Below you’ll find a list of fields:



Clicking on the LINK below will show you the steps of the pathways and a list of the necessary courses.  


Here’s an example learning pathway:


If your goal is to get a certification, then you can start by doing the courses that will prepare you for the exams.


The Java developer pathway is shown in the chart below:



Our courses are available through our partners. For more information contact us on the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. e-mail address.