Projects have been planned ever since people have been performing major tasks together. Be that the planning and equipping of a military campaign, the building of a church or a fort, none of these would have been possible without the responsible persons planning these ‘projects’. However, for a long time all this was done without a framework, based on the knowledge and experience of the person concerned; only in the 20th century were these informal procedures collected, classified and turned into the science we call project management today.

At Masterfield Training Centre we have always valued courses in the field of project management, since although naturally not every project is an IT project, IT and project management are very closely linked together.

Regarding project management, we are very proud of our highly popular in-house developed, practical courses.

If you’d like to get an internationally recognized certification, we recommend our PRINCE2® Basics course for a start, on the basis of which we also have several higher levels available. Our PMP® and Agile® courses are known all over the world, similarly to the PRINCE2® certification.