Soft skill courses


Soft skill competencies and their meaning don’t need any introduction these days. Our IT training fall in the category of hard skills, but today it’s indispensable for you to acquire skills that help you do your job more efficiently. Thus, besides the customary fields of IT and project management we are now opening a door for soft skills, too.

With the help of our courses you’ll be able to give presentations, communicate and co-operate with your colleagues more easily and effectively, as well as being able to do your job with more efficient time management and prioritizing.

We hope you’ll gain the soft skill competencies for business life with us; we guarantee the standard high quality we’re known for!


Here’s a list of our currently available soft skill trainings and related lighter office applications:

Presentation techniques workshop
The aim of the course is to improve the presentation of presentations created in Microsoft Power Point or other applications. Whatever the profile of putting together a presentation, it will not be successful if the presenter is unable to convey his or her message in his or her personal communication and presentation. The main focus of this workshop is to prepare the speakers to be able to present their professional knowledge to the target audience, either in person or online, in a charismatic, lamp-free, easy-to-do way, impressing and convincing the audience.


Efficient time management and task management using Microsoft Outlook
The aim of the course is to learn the basics of time management, to present and learn different techniques. Students will be introduced to the theoretical background of structured time and task management and will be introduced to the practical potential of the widely used Microsoft Office Outlook for conscious task management.



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