Programming is a great and truly down-to-earth area of IT. It isn’t easy to get started in the field and it requires persistence, but once you've got the hang of it, you’re bound to enjoy it. Equally importantly, salaries are in the skies, too! 

Masterfield Training Centre places great emphasis on the training of programmers and software developers. You’ll find both absolute beginner’s courses and advanced courses specialized in a given area.

If you wish to learn software development without any knowledge of programming, from a beginner level, we recommend the Programming basics course (in Hungarian only) for starters.

For those truly dedicated we recommend the Masterfield Junior Frontend Development Academy (in Hungarian only), where we train Junior Frontend programmers in 6 months!



If you already know the basics of programming - e.g. you studied it at college or university or wrote programs in your free time, then you might start honing your skills in one particular programming language. These courses also allow you to re-train yourself if you’ve already mastered another language. And as to which language you should choose: This is a never-ending debate where it’s difficult to pass judgement. C#, Java, JavaScript, Python and PHP are equally popular languages, but lots of people are still developing in C++, Perl and C languages. Our offer is continuously expanding and changing, just like IT is also developing at an extraordinary pace.

If there’s a programming language you can’t find among our offerings, this doesn’t mean we don’t hold trainings in that topic. Maybe it’s just that until now we haven't seen sufficient demand to organize a public course for it. Feel free to contact us in such cases!