Masterfield Training Centre was one of the first companies to start training testers, and we are really proud of still having the broadest course portfolio in this field.

We hold trainings accredited by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), the most important international organization in software testing. At the end of our courses you have the opportunity to take an internationally recognized exam. Of course, the certifications you can get with these exams matter, so in our courses we do our utmost to help you prepare for your exam.

Our software testing courses are still as popular as ever, and are frequently sold out, so we can confidently recommend them to anyone.

We provide advanced trainings and professional advancement for experienced testers, as well as international courses every six months that are a rarity on a global scale among ISTQB partners.

Masterfield Training Centre was the first Hungarian training company to offer ISTQB certified courses for test engineers. This can be considered a significant step not only for our Training Centre, but also for software testers, since previously there were no professional courses for test engineers in Hungary.

At the same time the labour market is suffering from a chronic shortage of qualified test engineers.

It’s the express aim of Masterfield to bring software testing, which requires specialized knowledge, up to the level of recognition it enjoys abroad. To this end, our Training Centre is offering not only the ISTQB certification, but we also aim to provide a broad overview of a test engineer’s tasks and the related tools.



If you’re interested in software testing and you’d like to work in this exciting field, we recommend our beginner’s course, where you can learn the basics and you can gain the ISTQB certification, which is a must these days for all testers. This course is aimed at experienced testers who wish to prepare for the exam effectively.

We’ll introduce you to free, open source code testing tools, as well as the possibilities of test automation and performance testing.

Our IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE) Foundation Level exam prep course prepares you to pass the internationally recognized requirement management exam.

Regarding ISTQB certifications, our institution and training materials were accredited by the Hungarian Testing Board (HTB), the only Hungarian chapter of ISTQB (International Software Testing and Qualification Board).