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Registering for courses

You can sign up for our current courses and trainings on our website or via phone, which we then first confirm via email and send you the application form, with which you officially confirm your registration. You may then pay the course fee in person or via wire transfer.

Paying course and training fees

Course fees are normally paid in one lump sum no later than 5 workdays before the first day of the course. In case of wire transfer please transfer the appropriate amount to the following bank account: 10700385-24188609-51100005 You may make a cash payment at our office between 9AM and 4PM on workdays at the address 1138 Budapest, Madarász Viktor u. 47-49. Please note that in the case of missing the above deadline Masterfield Training Centre reserves the right to fill up vacancies on the course with other students.

Cancelling courses and trainings

Up until 5 workdays prior to the start of the course you may cancel your registration free of charge, or switch to a different course or date. Should you cancel or postpone your application to a later date within 5 working days before the start of the course, you will be charged 30% of the original course fee as cancellation/modification fee. Certain courses have different cancellation rules with stricter conditions (e.g. PRINCE2, PMP). In the case of our courses held in English, the application deadline is 1 month before the start of the course. There’s no possibility to cancel within a month, and the entire course fee will be invoiced. Cancellation Only a written cancellation is acceptable.

Switching course or training participants

You may substitute a student on the application form with another person meeting the basic requirements of the course free of charge in this case, too. Please let us know no later than 2 workdays before the start of the course.

When a course or training is cancelled

If the date of the course changes compared to the announced date, we notify participants in writing. Should this date be unsuitable for you, you may switch to another course free of charge or you may withdraw your application.