Live Virtual Classroom Trainings

How does virtual classroom training work?

If you have any trouble to travel here, we can provide our new, online solution to connect to our courses. You can choose online training opportunity. You need to have online internet connection and a computer to connect. 

These courses are live, not a record.
You join directly to the classroom, you can hear and see the tutor as you could listen to her/him in our Training Centre. We provide a chat window, so you can ask anything if you need help. The tutor can even call you on in the breaktimes by phone. 

You can feel like you are also in the class with the others!

Can I make even the practical exercises this way?

Of course, you can. We will provide you with a virtual PC in the classroom, you will connect with it, and you will make all the moves with the others in the room. The tutor will always follow your work and help you, if you want to.

Which courses are available in online form?

Most of the courses are available online.  Please contact us for further informations! 

What about the prices?

Our courses are available online with a 20% discount on the list price of classroom education. In case of special or individual offers or group participation, inquire about personalized options! 


Do you want to know more about it?

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