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16 tanóra, tetszőleges időpontban

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PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner is a 2-day course that aims to educate delegates on how PRINCE2 can be tailored to agile-specific scenarios. This course has been developed as a single-tier certification to allow those who already have an existing project management knowledge to learn how Agile can be incorporated into their projects. The PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner exam is included in the price.


In order to enrol on this PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner training course, delegates must hold one of the following certifications:
• PRINCE2® Foundation
• PRINCE2® Practitioner
• Project Management Professional® (PMP)*
• Certified Associate in Project Management® (CAPM)*
• IPMA Levels A,B,C and D® (Certified Projects Director)

Kiknek ajánljuk?

This certification is designed for project professionals, specifically those who work in project management, who would like to learn how to incorporate Agile approaches into their work. It would also be beneficial for individuals in roles involving programme and project support functions.

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Upon purchase you will receive a password via the email you used to purchase the course. You will then be able to login to the online learning platform with your e-mail and password. You will have access to the platform for 90 days to complete your course.


The specifics of this e-learning:

  • Internationally accredited
  • You can gain credit poins
  • You can access the material anytime, from anywhere
  • It is accessible on mobile phone too
  • Interactive
  • It contains sample questions, and a sample exam
  • PRINCE® Agile Practitioner  exam voucher


By combining the methods of PRINCE2® and Agile, the certification aims to provide individuals with a framework for their projects that is precise and controllable, whilst still being quick to adapt to sudden changes.


Course Outline:

1. Module: Understand the basic concepts of common Agile methods      

1.1. Explain the differences between projects and BAU (Business as usual)
1.2. Describe agile and its common approaches, how and why Agile approaches have developed and where they are used
1.3. Describe the history of Agile, it’s contrast to the waterfall way of working and how the Agile Manifesto fits in
1.4. Describe the different levels of Agile maturity and well-known Agile frameworks
1.5. Describe behaviours, concepts and techniques that characterize Agile
1.6. Define the PRINCE2 Agile® view of ‘Agile’
1.7. Describe Kanban, the Kanban method and its six general practices, including the use of Cumulative Flow Diagrams (CFDs)
1.8. Describe the core concepts of Lean Start-up
1.9. Describe the use of workshops
1.10. Describe how to transition to Agile
1.11.Define Scrum theory and explain the nature of the Scrum team, Scrum events, Scrum artefacts and Sprints


2. Module: Understand purpose and context for combining PRINCE2® and Agile

2.1. Describe the complementary strengths of PRINCE2® and the Agile way of working
2.2. Define who can benefit from using PRINCE2 Agile® and in what contexts/situations
2.3. Define the make-up of PRINCE2 Agile® (frameworks, behaviours, concepts, techniques, focus areas)
2.4. Explain the eight ‘guidance points’
2.5. Explain how PRINCE2® controls and governance can enable Agile to be used in many environments
2.6. Describe what a typical PRINCE2® ‘project journey’ looks like in an Agile context


3. Module: Apply and evaluate focus areas to a project in an Agile context

3.1. Explain the purpose and use of the Agilometer throughout a project
3.2. Describe the six sliders used on the Agilometer, explain their significance and how to improve them
3.3. Describe in detail requirements terminology, decomposition and prioritization, including MoSCoW and Ordering
3.4. Explain how requirements prioritization is used
3.5. Explain the rich communication focus area, its importance and its key techniques
3.6. Explain how to manage frequent releases and the benefits of ‘failing fast’


4. Module : Fix and flex six aspects of project in an Agile context

4.1. Describe how to use the ‘hexagon’ in relation to the six aspects of project performance
4.2. Explain the use of tolerances in terms of what to ‘fix’ and what to ‘flex’ in relation to the six aspects of project performance
4.3. Describe in detail each of the five targets that underpin the use of the hexagon
4.4. Explain why the ‘fix and flex’ approach is good for the customer


Kapcsolódó vizsgák:

PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner Certificate

Examination Format:
- Objective testing
- 50 questions per paper
- 30 marks required (out of 50 available) to pass: 60%
- Duration: 150 minutes
- Open book exam


Accredited PRINCE2 Agile ® Practitioner training is provided by The Knowledge Academy accredited by PeopleCert. PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.


A vizsga díja: 119 500 Ft + Áfa, melyet a tanfolyam tartalmaz.
Take2: A vizsgadíjon felüli plusz 15.500 Ft + ÁFA összeg befizetésével még egyszer újra vizsgázhatsz.



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This 3-day course is an introduction to the Agile methodology and provides the training and examination for the AgilePM® Foundation certification (APMG accredited). Our qualified trainers will guide you through the programme so that you will acquire the skills to competently and proficiently work, as part of a team, on an Agile project.

  • Includes all Agile Foundation Training, Exam, Manuals and Certificates.
  • Recognised as the World's Largest Agile Project Management Training Provider.

This 4-day course combines the Agile Project Management Foundation and Practitioner courses into one course. The Foundation portion of the certification is an introduction to the Agile methodology and provides the training for the AgilePM® Foundation certification (APMG accredited). Once the Agile PM Foundation certification has been achieved, delegates will progress onto the Agile PM Practitioner portion of the course, which takes place on the final day. Our qualified trainers will guide you through the Agile Certification and help you acquire the skills to competently and proficiently work as part of a team on an Agile project.

This is an official APMG Agile Project Management Foundation and Practitioner course which provides detailed knowledge of Agile Project Management and prepares for the official APMG exams that our students can take at the end of the training.

A minősítés nem csupán a Scrum metodológiára, hanem egy sor más irányzatra is komoly fókuszt helyez. Segítségével a gyakorlatban is alkalmazható, széles eszköztárra tehetsz szert, ami a projektek széles spektrumán használható.

 A nemzetközi előrejelzések szerint a jövőben még több megfelelő felkészültségű projektvezetőre lesz szükség. A megfelelő utánpótlás érdekében a módszertani ismeretek fejlesztése és a nemzetközileg is elismert terminológia alkalmazása mára alapelvárás lett.

Az 1969-es alapítású Project Management Institute (PMI) a legrangosabb szervezet a szakmában, a minősítéseik megszerzése garantálja, hogy a tudásodat világszerte elismerik.

A program segítségével a résztvevők sikeresen felkészülhetnek a PMI PBA vizsgájára, elmélyíthetik tudásukat az üzleti elemzés folyamataival, célterületeivel kapcsolatban, valamint számos hasznos eszközt, technikát ismerhetnek meg, melyek a napi munka során is sikerrel alkalmazhatóak.

Our 4-day combined PRINCE2® Agile Foundation and Practitioner course provides a full understanding of the PRINCE2® Agile methodology and training for two highly respected professional certifications: PRINCE2® Agile Foundation and PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner.  Implementing PRINCE2 Agile® within an organisation can provide a variety of benefits, such as enhanced value of delivery, reduced risk of deficient products via incremental and iterative delivery, and the emergence of disciplined flexibility. The PRINCE2® Agile Foundation and Practitioner exams are both included in the price.

This world-renowned agile project management certification will familiarise delegates with the basics of PRINCE2® and how to tailor the method in an agile context. Delegates will also acquire an understanding of fundamental agile concepts and techniques, such as Scrum, Lean Startup, Kanban, and Cynefin.

This introductory PRINCE2® Foundation course is designed to give candidates a comprehensive overview of the PRINCE2® methodology whilst ensuring that they are fully equipped to pass the PRINCE2® Foundation examination, which is included in the price.

This combined PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner course  is designed to give candidates a comprehensive overview of the PRINCE2® methodology whilst ensuring that they are fully equipped to pass the exams. The PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner exams are both included in the price.

This PRINCE2® Practitioner course enables learners to tailor the PRINCE2® methodology to any given project scenario. The PRINCE2® Practitioner exam is included. The versatility of the PRINCE2® methodology means its applications are extensive and that it can work in projects of any size, complexity or industry. Candidates will be taught how to tailor the methodology, whilst adhering to its founding principles, themes and processes, enabling them to effectively lead projects regardless of scenario or project environment. The exam fee is included in the price.

Innovatív, két oktatóval zajló képzésünket olyan projektvezetőknek ajánljuk, akik az eredményesebb együttműködés felé akarják a csapatukat elmozdítani.